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When Christians Say There is No Conspiracy!

When Christians make statements like there is no global conspiracy or them conspiracy theorists, I have to laugh. The bible is full of conspiracies. The first conspiracy we find in the book of Genesis is where the Serpent deceived Eve so that she and Adam would fall under a curse because of disobedience. This was a conspiracy to alter the relationship between God and Man so that mankind would no longer enjoy direct fellowship with God which was part of the original purpose for his creation. Another conspiracy was one which involved the Sanhedrin and Judas where they conspired to have Jesus brought to the roman rulers under fabricated accusations.

So despite the bible being full of conspiracies, plots and sub-plots, many Christians have a very negative attitude towards the deciphering of global conspiracies.

This culture of Christian indifference to worldwide conspiracies is conveyed no better than with an example we found on a well known bible prophecy website. This site (which we won't name) is dedicated to providing information about the times we live in and how it proves that Jesus is Coming soon. Whilst much on this site is good material what is astonishing is their view of worldwide and global conspiracies. The site takes a good amount of time providing their view on bible prophecy researchers they agree with and those they don't. However their view on Texe Marrs and his Power of Prophecy ministry is nothing short of incredible.

If you know anything about Texe Marrs you will know that he has produced a significant amount of material exposing the dangers of groups like the Illuminati, the Vatican, Bohemian Grove, Bilderbergers and other secret fraternities. We may not necessarily agree with everything that Marrs believes (for instance he believes in replacement theology, the belief that Israel is no longer Gods chosen people and that its Christians who are) in and he has been guilty of some rather bizarre and exceptional actions. However that said, we would say the world is clearly a better place with the existence of his materials than without.

However read what this website has to say about Texe Marrs and his ministry.

This statement is interesting because if they want to personally label Marrs as a sensationalist then fair enough but then look at their last statement. They are actually questioning whether groups such as the Freemasons, Illuminati or Trilateral commission actually have any control over the way the world is moving forward. This is nothing short of astonishing.

Forget that the initial reason for their statement is an overview of Texe Marrs. Here we have a well known bible prophecy ministry which is actually rejecting the idea that there are groups with a globalist agenda, devoted to bringing about a future Orwellian nightmare. So you then have to question how on earth can a bible prophecy ministry provide enlightenment to people about the end times if they are rejecting the idea of a one world government agenda, especially when the bible itself talks about the coming of a one world government led by Antichrist.

Far worse than this position is the fact that there are Christian Churches which have abandoned bible prophecy altogether. The subject is seen as a mystical taboo one which has little prominence in their theological circuit. Or for those that do mention it the one or two times a year, they will talk about the increase in earthquakes and famines and the rise of secularization. But they would never dare mention freemasonry or the Illuminati in their meetings let alone 9/11.

The Truth Cannot Be Snuffed Out

Let me make this statement. It would be unfair of me to say that all Christian ministries are like this. There are a growing number of Christian researchers who are doing a tremendous job in exposing the works of darkness. However for every 1 of these giants there are another 10 ministries who stance on bible prophecy is ambiguous.

This means that most of Christendom is generally fed a diet of bible prophecy that is so watered down that most Christians have a very holistic, vague and flowery understanding of how bible prophecy relates to the world we live in. This can lead to a loss of the sense of urgency and the seriousness of the times we live in because of a hindered understanding. If you have no exposure to some of the most sinister conspiracies called by the apostle Paul "spiritual wickedness in high places", then there is the potential to accept things being pushed at us as just the norm without understanding that there is a completely different and far more sinister agenda behind it.

This is why in these last days God is raising up a wave of people who have embarked on a tremendous path of enlightening us about what is happening all around of us. It is fair to say that not all of these people are the traditional theological, distinctive type, researchers.

However is clear that if the Christian Community at large are not willing to embrace the tremendous evangelism opportunity by engaging with the secular world about global conspiracies then God will not need to raise up stones to do this because there are others outside of the 4 walled Church community that will fill the gap and help to expose the works of darkness.

Interviews With Giants - Smashing the Walls of Ignorance

The Interview with Giants Series consolidates the most spectacular group of audio interviews with the worlds most respected government conspiracy researchers. There is absolutely nothing like this anywhere else. These powerful interviews cover the hottest and most explosive subjects available such as the UFO phenomena, the Identity of the Antichrist, Obama's new world order, The Haarp Project, Chemtrails, Fabricated man made diseases, Codex Alimentarius, the most Notorious Secret Societies, the Mark of the Beast technology, the European Union, Project Bluebeam, the Jesuits and the Black Pope, Stargate Technology, Armageddon, Sustainable Development, Masonic undertones in popular culture and so much more.

We have to sound a warning as we recognise that members are at different stages of their education about the global conspiracy agenda. Due to the content and graphic details of these interviews we do recommend that this material will only appeal to those members who are fed up with the surface level, ambiguous and in some cases, flaky material that they normally see on Christian TV channels on a day to day basis. If you have just started your journey on understanding the end times and the multiple complex threads that all weave together then we don't recommend Interviews with Giants because it will overwhelm you. These interviews are with giants in their study who don't hold back as if they are introducing their research for the first time. They dive straight in, head first because their is simply too much overwhelming evidence for them to take their time over.

 20 hours of mouth watering interviews (5 additional interviews now added)

The Interview with Giants Series covers 20 immediately accessible, audio interviews, with key experts tackling various aspects of the global government agenda including the UFO phenomena, the identity of the Antichrist, Obama's new world order, Chemtrails, Eugenics and man made diseases, Codex Alimentarius, Secret Societies, the Mark of the Beast technology, the European Union, Project Bluebeam, the Jesuits and the Black Pope, Stargates, Armageddon, Sustainable Development, Masonic undertones in popular music and so much more.

Interviews with Giants joins the dots between Bible prophecy and current and future events.

The audio interviews discuss the G20 and the financial new world order and how it relates to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the beast and the nature of the antichrist. Topics discussed: angels as regular men, the destroyer, the beast with 10 horns and 7 heads, 7 hills of Revelation 17, prophecies in the book of Daniel, 10 world regions, the new world order, EU, Lisbon Treaty, NAFTA, one world bank, Obama, movie programming, war in heaven, Revelation Chapter 12 and the war in heaven, famine & disease, UFO sightings, food riots, world-wide financial crash, pyramid symbolism, nominal Christian churches etc.

The audio interviews examine the radical contingent of the key players in the UN's global property rights regulations, adopted as soft law by 179 nations in 1992-1993, including Maurice Strong, the man behind Agenda 21. The interviews talk about the New Age Religion movement that has jumped on the "sustainability" bandwagon, their use of psychological warfare as a means of promoting depopulation, and the arrogant, chauvinistic mindset of The Chosen Ones. We consider the corruption of culture and their secret societies, New Age religions ruled by Ascended Masters, the use of occult magic, and the controversy of Zion and the system of the Kabbalah. The interview talks about dangers of Tibetan Buddhism, the perfect religion to transition into the coming government that will take advantage of the "blank mind" of collective consciousness. Further, we get into the corrupt environmental movement, the Elite "custodians of the planet," and geo-engineering.

The audio interviews broad span of research encompasses Egyptian and Sumerian mythology, Nazi technology, the ET presence, modern geopolitical analysis, the power of the military-industrial complex, the Illuminati, and what one might call the real history of the twentieth century. Also tackles Thrice-Great Hermitica and the Janus Age. What can that mean? How does it relate to the way power works in our world? What does the age of Janus mean? Why are we always off balance while a wealthy few seem to get richer and richer on the shoulders of the rest of us? Do you know what the Zeno Manuscript is and what it means?.

Other interviews include the following.
One of the interviewees was present at a secret meeting in London in which high ranking officials discussed plans to invoke a war with Iran and China as a means to initiate a collapse of the stock market.
One of the interviewees provides evidence that the reason for America going to war against Iraq in 2003 has nothing to do with terrorism but everything to do with a discovery of ancient artefacts in the region.
In 2004 a film was released called the Manchurian Candidate in which a hero of the gulf war returns home to the US to successfully run for party leadership. However all along a microchip has been implanted into his brain so that his decision making and actions are influenced by a powerful lobby. Does this technology exist and is it actually in operation?
This controversial interview focuses on the belief that Barack Obama is nothing short of being a "Socialist Clone" A president who was groomed by one of the biggest movers within the world government membership case and is now following dictatorial orders that were programmed into him during his grooming.
Are you aware of a presentation that was made to the European Union Parliament about the dangers of the Bilderbergers? Hear this in full and understand the dangers that were highlighted.
A brilliant expert interview focused on the development of the prophetical stages of the Middle East especially looking at the country of Iran and how its present political gesturing is setting the scene for a turbulent period ahead.
The head of one of the worlds largest conspiracy websites provides significant and shattering proof of the power structures behind the scenes in the United States which are purposely master minding its downfall into a socialist dictatorship.
A victim of the ultra monarch mind control program reveals the gory details of her life as she went through one of the most horrendous government experiments yet her life has moved onto a more hopeful future!
Why is there an increase in the number of crop circle sightings on a global scale. As journalists and scientists struggle to keep up with their manifestations what is the relevance of the crop circle debate?
Why is the US military depending more on more on remote viewing as a counter intelligence military measure. Why is there more focus on using the supernatural and paranormal as part of military operations?

and so much more

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